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At Next Internet we have been providing quality on-line, off-site backup services since 2005.

We don't sell dialup-up access and we don't sell broadband connections. Some Internet providers offer backup as an "add on" to their main product. At Next Internet it's not an add-on, it's our specialty.

Let us help you get the most from the broadband connection at your home or work. Off-site backup with Next Internet provides something you never expected to get from an Internet connection - peace of mind.

Enjoy the confidence of off-site backup with our Secure Backup product.

Could your business survive a disaster?

" 40% of companies that experience a disaster go out of business
within 5 years! "   -   Gartner Group, September 2001

Would your business survive if your computer was stolen or your office caught on fire? Backup your computers reliably and securely over the Internet with Secure Backup from Next Internet.

Backing up over the Internet is convenient, inexpensive and reliable. But best of all your data is stored "off-site" where it is safe from fire and theft at your office or home.

Survive the disasters with Secure Backup.
You've got nothing to lose except your busines!

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